About Us



Being pioneers in the Indian furniture manufacturing industry, we are extremely proud and honoured to introduce our office furnishing brand: Orkney

Our Vision

To be the best furniture brand in India that provide contemporary office furnishing solutions.

Our Mission

To provide corporate furnishing solutions, that meets top notch quality and contemporary designs.

Orkney Office Furniture manufacturing process involves design thinking and user experience. We step into the shoes of our customers while we create our designs. We believe thats the USP for our top notch quality designs that are meant to last. Orkney adds a classy touch to any corporate environment together with ergonomics. We are driven by the need for ergonomic designs that are meant to reduce body aches due to prolonged sitting. ORKNEY manufacturing process involves an analysis stage where the products are tested by a team of ergonomists and hence no one can match our products on terms of ergonomics.

We offer to our customers a range of architecture and furniture that are intended to derive maximum potential of a person while he/she is in office. Our team of interior designers are experts in finding out what your company needs in the workspace through regular and productive meetings. In every furnishing project undertaken we never failed to create an experience the customer never had before. We believe every one of us are special and we just need the right force in the right direction to keep us going and thats why we came up with this brand. Our ergonomists once said ORKNEY is the chair that actually cares, yes we do care for your wellbeing.


The company was founded in 1980 by Shaheersha MuhammedKoya and started operations as a furniture wholesaler and were dealing with selected brands. Our sincerity and committment made us witness steady growth in a few years and we turned out to be the number one seller in India for a furniture brand. Every year we witnessed growth and stepped into furniture manufacturing in 1990 starting with modular furniture manufacturing. Our unique techniques and tactics paved the way for maximum sales for modular furniture ranging from corporate office interiors, home interiors and a range of modular products. In 2002 we transpired to be the number one modular furniture brand in Kerala, the iconic state of India known as the Gods own country. We also made our footsteps on premium sofa manufacturing in 2005 and we serve various architects and interior designers and other customers since that.

Our company employees once complained about backpain caused due to prolonged sitting in office chair brands that were available in the market. Ever since that we were always inspired to bring about innovative and sustainable designs and established ORKNEY in 2010. Our unique analysis stage by a team of ergonomists makes our designs the best in the market. When ORKNEY  was introduced in the market the competition was very high and we struggled to gain attention. But once people started using ORKNEY, the rest was history. People felt the change and started asking for ORKNEY products in their workplace.  We turn our acumen into innovative designs that derives your maximum potential and transform the visual and physical ambience of your workspace.


Willingness to learn-  We believe we never finish learning and that paves way for conistent improvements in our designs

Be good listeners-  Networking always improves knowledge. Different people have different capabilities and there is something to learn from everyone we meet on a daily basis. We are driven by this value and we try to incorporate the values we gain from others on our business model.

Emphasis on Customer- ORKNEY was established emphasising only on the customer need for ergonomic designs that eliminates backpain and other physical and mental health problems from the workplace.

Get our hands dirty- At ORKNEY we love our work and we get our hands dirty to get the intended results. As part of the company establishment we had done different surveys with corporate employees to actually derive what they need.

Never ending passion- The USP for our growth is our never ending passion to serve our vision and mission. Hence we are proud on our position in the market.